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A Comprehensive Guide to Choosing the Best Insurance CRM Software

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CRM, or customer relationship management software, is a helpful tool for many businesses. It supports many industries, but it can also be industry specific. Various industry-specific CRM tools exist as Mortgage CRM software and Recruitment CRM software.

Insurance CRM software is an indispensable tool for the insurance business. Industry-specific CRM will help you enhance customer relationships, have streamlined sales and marketing automation processes, and take your insurance business to the next level.

Our review will focus on the basic features of Insurance CRM and the best service providers in the market. Our review is based on the features listed by the various service providers, their pricing, and the pros and cons, according to user reviews on famous review sites. Let’s first explain what an Insurance CRM is.

What is the Insurance CRM Software?

Insurance CRM is a customer relationship management software that targets insurance agents. Unlike traditional CRM, the industry-specific CRM’s purpose is to meet the needs of those working in the life insurance industry or the health insurance industry.

Like traditional CRM, it will help businesses build customer relationships, find new leads, generate revenue, and close more deals. In addition, an Insurance CRM will include industry-specific reporting, referral programs, policy trackers, commission management, and claim resolution. CRM systems help small or large insurance agencies manage documentation and filing.

Who is the Insurance CRM for?

Insurance CRM caters to the needs of many businesses like life insurance agencies, for example. Any health insurance agency can also benefit from the Insurance CRM software. The insurance agent can manage and view the whole process from this software. It’s the most helpful software for insurance agents.

Some CRM solutions come with an instant broker portal, making them the perfect Insurance CRM solution for insurance brokers. An Insurance CRM, in short, is the ultimate tool for simplifying business processes for anyone in the insurance business.

Next, we’ll go over the insurance CRM software’s main features and review some of the most famous CRM systems in the market to help you better decide the best overall insurance CRM for your business.

Best Insurance CRM Software for Insurance Agents

  • Zoho CRM
  • Salesforce
  • Salesmate
  • Pipedrive
  • Freshworks
  • Insureio
  • Radius
  • AgencyBloc

Main Features of the CRM Software for Insurance Businesses

Insurance Workflow Automation

Insurance automation is one of the best features of CRM software designed specifically for the insurance industry. Automated workflows reduce time spent working on mundane tasks and, therefore, reduce the costs of operations.

Risk scoring and managing customer complaints and claims are examples of the many processes you can automate with CRM software. Automated workflows can help with setting reminders and updating policy statuses.

The purpose of automating workflows is to help insurance representatives focus on more relevant tasks and save time. Automation in the insurance industry leads to more efficient work processes, speeds up the workflow, reduces errors, and so much more.

Application Fulfillment & Case Management

Case management and application fulfillment are industry-specific features for the insurance CRM that simplify, speed up, and make the process more efficient. Case management and application fulfillment work through a one-page app that insurance agencies can use for the following services: annuities, disability, permanent life, LTC, etc.

Fill out client information, and the distribution partners will complete the paperwork. Clients won’t wait for mail forms because they enjoy faster work processes like e-policies.


Insurance CRM software integrations are relevant for many businesses because they enable agents to have all their tools in one place. Among the powerful integrations are third-party integrations with Zapier, Slack, Asana, Textline, Google Workspace, Shopify, Facebook Ads, and social media integrations. Integrations rely on every service provider.

Integrations are relevant for the insurance industry because you can connect through social media and email integration with your clients and customers and boost insurance sales.

Insurance Policy Management

Insurance policy management is a much-needed feature for any insurance agency and the insurance industry. A good insurance CRM helps insurance agents with managing policies.

Agents can easily view details of that policy and anything tied to it as carriers, agents, commissions, and clients. Agents can also check policyholders during meetings and calls. CRM is a powerful tool for managing insurance policies.

With policy management tracking, you can check the individual insurance policy management, including the client’s entire insurance data, like health, life, etc. A group insurance policy management offers detailed information about how groups use packages.

Policy tracking gives you insights, so the insurance industry can promote services to individuals and know when to refer or recommend packages for individuals.

Client Management

A reliable insurance CRM will also include a system for client management where you can organize and manage clients’ data. CRM is powerful with tracking policies, clients’ documents, tickets, quotes, and any info on insurance policies and their status. Insurance agents can get a complete file for everyone one of their clients and prospects.

This digital file can include relevant documents, emails, notes about phone conversations, and any relevant data related to clients. Client management in a CRM tool minimizes errors, enables insurance agencies to provide fantastic service for clients, and helps them retain clients.

Commissions Processing

Commissions are part and parcel of the insurance industry. Insurance CRM software offers commission management tools that help you streamline commission processing by allowing a view that ties policies and commissions together. Commission tracking is an important feature that includes tracking payments (date of payment and how much is it?). Some software tools come with a commission calculator.

Sales Management

CRM is a customer relationship management tool, and its superpower is simplifying the sales processes by offering robust sales features and sales tools. Since the insurance industry relies on sales, sales management in CRM is indispensable for the insurance industry sales teams.

The insurance CRM software organizes and streamlines the sales process for insurance brokers and insurance agents through sales automation. Sales automation includes sales forecasting. Agents can also monitor the sales pipeline.

When you monitor the sales pipeline, you prevent customer churn. And with key performance indicators, you can measure your team’s success and improve operations. Sales management helps the insurance industry build customer loyalty, hit sales targets, and improve customer relationships.

Automated Marketing Materials

Automated marketing materials are an integral part of automation and a perfect feature for the insurance CRM software and critical for the insurance industry. The CRM includes automated email marketing and campaigns and referral marketing tools to automate marketing.

Automated marketing includes mass emailing features to target large customers or clients. This feature is helpful when you want to send updates about insurance policies, business-related information, or any relevant announcements to many people. You will have email automation in CRM instead of using a different platform for email marketing.

In addition to mass emailing, you can target specific groups by sending information relevant only to them instead of sending material to all clients and confusing them. Being able to schedule emails, target them to some clients, or send mass communication is one of the powerful features that the insurance CRM has.

Lead Management and Lead Generation

Managing leads is important for the insurance industry because it relies on managing where leads are in the sales cycle. It’s important for the insurance industry to keep track of all customers and also to get new customers.

So, your dashboard would be so much more informative and helpful by including the client’s name, their time zone, and which team member is helping them. The CRM will give you all the details, including which leads need your attention.

In addition to lead management, insurance CRM offers lead generation. For insurance companies, lead generation is as important as managing any step in the sales funnel. A CRM that helps you with lead generation is a must-have.

Data Management, Security, Contact Management, and Document Management

The keyword for a functional CRM is management, whether data management, contact management, or security management. A robust CRM tool helps businesses efficiently keep track of customer data.

Customer data includes their contact information and any related documents and also secures the data. Data management is important for the insurance industry because they handle a lot of paperwork. Keeping documents safe and secure is a top priority. That’s why a CRM tool that takes care of all that is much-needed for insurance agents and insurance brokers.

Dashboard, Reports, and Analytics

CRM software for insurance also has a powerful dashboard with reports and analytics so you can generate reports and track business metrics and goals, as well as the performance of the insurance agents.

Analytics helps you provide a great service by letting you know which strategies work. You don’t have to guess or waste time as an insurance agency. Having a powerful CRM system is all you need for customer satisfaction and business growth.

Benefits for the Insurance Business and Insurance Agents

Simplify Work Processes

Insurance agencies and agents work with vast amounts of data, and CRM software that organizes data leads to efficient and fast work processes.

Plus, CRM tools automate many tasks, minimize insurance agents’ workload, and allow them to focus on more revenue-generating tasks.

Secure Data

CRM software has security measures to keep the data of insurance agencies secure and protect the data from any unauthorized access. Keeping data secure is important for insurance companies as they handle lots of customer data.

Manage and Track Leads with Ease

Insurance agencies and brokers handle massive amounts of data, making lead management one of the most difficult tasks. Insurance agencies can easily manage and track leads throughout the sales cycle through a powerful CRM tool.

Best Insurance CRM Software for Insurance Business

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM provides solutions to various industries like real estate, financial services, retail, and insurance. Zoho’s CRM helps those in the insurance industry because Zoho is customizable to meet insurance industry needs. It is super easy to use and comes with an AI-based sales assistant. It also offers a mobile app and seamless integration with many tools.

Its features for the insurance industry are omnichannel communication. So, you can communicate with customers through different channels like email, social media, live chat, etc. It’s helpful for insurance agencies because you can track customer info and see past interactions.

You can also manage policies in CRM and assign claims to resolve issues as quickly as possible. Zoho also offers automation, standardization of processes, and analytics.


  • A free trial is available for all plans.
  • Pricing is affordable.
  • A mobile app is available.
  • Customizable and integrates with many tools.


  • Software is not easy to learn
  • Customer support needs improvement
  • Not enough video tutorials to help when you start using Zoho CRM.
  • The software is a bit slow.


Zoho CRM offers 4 plans and starts at $12 per user per month billed annually, with the availability to try all plans for free.


Salesforce CRM

Salesforce offers CRM services to many Industries. Insurance providers like AXA, Farmers Insurance, and Pacific Life all use the services of Salesforce Insurance CRM. Salesforce CRM provides solutions for life and annuity, group benefits, and property and casualty.

Salesforce Insurance CRM helps businesses gain insights about policyholder relationships. The software also helps businesses integrate data from multiple departments to fully view the customer’s journey and status.

The Salesforce Insurance software allows your business access to an advanced financial services cloud. As with any CRM, Salesforce automates processes for a better experience.


  • Integrating with other software is easy.
  • Salesforce is quite customizable.
  • The user interface is great.


  • Salesforce is an expensive software compared to other CRM solutions.
  • Implementation of Salesforce takes a lot of time.


Salesforce CRM offers 4 plans starting at $225 per user per month billed annually. A free trial is available for one plan only.


Salesmate Sales CRM

Salesmate offers CRM for the following industries: real estate, construction, consulting, and insurance agents. For the insurance industry, Salesmate offers various solutions because it is tailored to meet the needs of life and health insurance agents and brokers.

Salesmate automates the marketing and sales process, collects visitor information, has a meeting scheduler, and provides a 360-degree view of clients with document processing, powerful integrations, detailed sales reports, bulk actions, email tracking, and goal tracking.


  • Responsive and helpful customer support.
  • Salesmate is customizable
  • SMS campaigns and telephone/VOIP


  • Integrations need some improvement
  • The mobile app is not easy to use


Salesmate offers 4 plans starting at $12 per user per month billed annually.


Pipedrive CRM

In addition to providing solutions to the insurance industry, Pipedrive offers solutions to many other industries like high education and non-profit. Pipedrive is beneficial to insurance businesses because it helps assign cases and claims and helps customers with contract renewals. It also helps insurance agents make data-driven decisions.

Pipedrive streamlines case resolution and builds an advanced sales pipeline. It also helps with recording information regarding policy type, provides an overview of the communication history of every contact, and integrates with valuable tools from the insurance business in addition to workflow automation and integrations with Zapier. The Pipedrive Insurance CRM also automates sending SMS and tracks email activity.


  • The interface is user-friendly.
  • It’s easy to learn how to use this software.


  • According to user reviews, it’s unsuitable for large firms because it can’t handle huge amounts of data.
  • Reports are pre-defined and not customizable.


Pipedrive offers 3 plans starting at $9 per user per month billed annually with free-trial availability for all plans.


Freshworks Logo

Freshworks is another CRM tool that provides solutions to different industries, including insurance. Freshworks offers Freddy AI, which helps with contact scoring by telling you which prospects are ready for sales.

Freshworks also has API access to help you integrate with your useful apps. Freshworks also automates the sales process and offers SMS integration. Freshworks offers chat campaigns and channels like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc., to help you interact with customers on multiple channels and offer real-time support.

Through Freshworks, you can also get insights based on historical data and sales forecasting. Freshworks is customized to help insurance businesses engage with customers.


  • A free plan is available.
  • Easy-to-use software with almost no training required.
  • Affordable pricing.


  • Integrations could be better.
  • Reporting could be improved.


Freshworks offers 4 plans starting at $15 per user per month billed annually. One of these plans is available completely for free with limited features. A free trial is available.


Insureio Insurance CRM Software

Insureio is an industry-specific CRM for insurance agents and those working in the insurance industry. Some of Insureio’s features include lead management, application fulfillment, case and client management, marketing, reporting, and sales.

Insureio offers e-policy delivery. Insureio also offers a personalized website, pre-built email templates, and a custom marketing campaign builder.

Insureio helps insurance businesses track all activities and manage processes while eliminating time-consuming and yet non-revenue-generating activities.


  • Availability of free trial
  • Application fulfillment and e-policy are among the services offered
  • Built specifically for insurance businesses.


  • No mobile application


Insureio offers 4 plans starting at $25 billed monthly, with a free trial available for all plans.



Radius targets the insurance industry with a mission to automate insurance agencies. It also integrates with relevant software and system to provide excellent service. Those systems make the CRM of Radius more powerful. For example, Radius integrates with Ninja Quoter to keep the history of quoting in one place.

In addition to more powerful integrations relevant to insurance agencies, Radius also integrates with CSG Actuarial, a service provider that offers both quoting system and actuarial consulting. Their main features include sales automation, marketing automation, integrated VoIP, and customization.

Radius’s features are quote engines, automated workflows, autoresponders, call recording, toll-free numbers, a customized agency logo, customized coverage types, and integrations with third-party apps.


  • Customizations that include coverage types and agency logos.
  • Integrated VoIP is available.
  • Integrations with quoting systems.
  • You can try this CRM software for free.


  • Lack of a mobile application.


Radius offers 4 plans for Agent, CSR, Broker, and Agency, with Agent starting at $34 per month for 1 user only. A free trial is available for all plans.



AgencyBloc is an Insurance CRM software and an agency management system that helps with commissions processing, automation, sales automation, and integrated business.

AgencyBloc provides the following services: lead and sales management, commission module, automated workflow, dashboards and reporting, sales pipeline, data management, agent management, security, and cloud storage.

AgencyBloc offers multiple features for insurance agencies to help them serve their customer through the entire customer journey.


  • Easy to use
  • Great customer service


  • Not enough training material
  • There is not enough information on how much you’ll pay for the customized features.


Plans start at $70 per month and are customized for every insurance agency.

FAQs about Insurance CRM Software

What is a CRM in insurance?

A CRM tool is a customer relationship management that targets the insurance industry and meets that business’s specific needs and requirements by offering features like insurance policy management and case management.

Do insurance companies use CRM?

Yes, many insurance companies use CRM to generate and manage leads, manage huge amounts of data and documents, manage sales, etc.

Do I Get a Free Trial for Insurance CRM?

Yes, many service providers offer a free trial for their insurance CRM software, like Zoho CRMRadius, etc.

Is there a completely free CRM Tool?

Freshworks offers a plan completely free of charge with limited features.

In conclusion

CRM tools offer amazing solutions for many industries, including insurance agencies. Advanced automation, lead management, and integrations are some of the key features. After reviewing the top insurance CRM options, it’s easier to choose the most suitable and the best CRM software for your business.

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