Your Guide to the Best Mortgage CRM Software

Your Guide to the Best Mortgage CRM Software

Recently updated on February 26th, 2023 at 12:26 pm

Mortgage CRM Software is a must for professionals in the mortgage industry. After all, customer relationship management software (CRM) keeps businesses running smoothly by helping them manage customer relationships, maintain automated marketing campaigns, and many more.

Mortgage professionals rely on Mortgage CRM to handle their most challenging, repetitive, or time-consuming tasks, and it’s time you find out about Mortgage CRM software.

In this article, we’ll cover what is unique about Mortgage CRM systems, whether or not it’s suitable for your business, what are the benefits of Mortgage CRM systems, and a review of the best Mortgage CRM Software in the market. In addition, we’ve reviewed the Mortgage CRM software based on the features listed by each provider, pricing, and some user reviews for the pros and cons of each Mortgage CRM.

What is the Mortgage CRM Software?

What is the Mortgage CRM Software?

A CRM is a customer relationship management software businesses use to manage client relationships, keep track of current and potential clients, and simplify the lead management process. It is a relevant tool for businesses that need to communicate with their customers constantly.

A CRM for Mortgage is a tool that targets and focuses only on the mortgage industry. In addition to contact management, the Mortgage software tracks mortgage applications, loan approval, etc. CRM for Mortgage also provides a user-friendly web-based portal where clients can apply for loans.

A Mortgage CRM, for example, notifies clients of mortgage events. The Mortgage CRM also integrates with real estate websites and keeps you in touch with real estate agents.

Who is the Mortgage CRM for?

All mortgage professionals will benefit from the Mortgage CRM. Mortgage professionals like mortgage lenders, mortgage brokers, loan officers, etc. Also, mortgage companies working in the mortgage business, like the mortgage lending industry, will also benefit from this tool. It’s the ultimate CRM for mortgage brokers.

Now is when you choose the right Mortgage CRM software for your business. Choosing a good mortgage CRM system takes time and depends on the value they add to your business. There are various tools out there promising different benefits and features.

We’ll review the Mortgage CRM software listed below to help you choose the best tool. But before that, we’ll explain some of the main features of Mortgage CRM tools and the benefits of these tools for the mortgage industry.

Main Features of the Mortgage CRM Software

The main features of the Mortgage CRM software are the same as the regular CRM but specially designed to meet the demands of those in the Mortgage business. The software, for example, has industry-specific templates that loan officers can use. A Mortgage also integrates with systems used in the Mortgage industry. Let’s see the features in detail.


Automation is one of the most relevant features of the Mortgage CRM system. The software automatically assigns tasks for team members, converts leads with automatic follow-ups, sends emails, sends automatic reminders, etc. For example, suppose your Mortgage CRM software automatically replies to the borrowers’ questions about their loan, helps you identify leads likely to convert, and reminds you to contact potential clients and help them with the loan process. In that case, it is an addition to your business.

Integration with the Loan Origination Software

The mortgage industry relies on a loan origination system or loan origination software. It is also known as LOS. When someone applies for a loan, they go through a loan origination process. It starts when they apply for the loan (loan application) and ends with the rejection or the approval of their loan.

Mortgage professionals such as loan officers, underwriters, loan officer assistants, processors, and funders use the loan origination system to track the loan process. The Loan Origination Software keeps track of the relevant stages of the loan and focuses on automated decision-making and reporting.

A Loan Origination System is at the heart of the Mortgage Industry, and Mortgage CRM software doesn’t replace it. A good Mortgage CRM software will integrate with your company’s loan origination software. It’s a great feature to look for in Mortgage CRM software.

Integrations with Applications, Platforms, and Real Estate Websites

Mortgage CRM software also offers integrated lead management. It integrates with real estate websites like Zillow and to generate leads. In addition, it integrates with different applications and platforms for easy and simple work processes.

Automated Marketing Materials

Automated marketing materials maximize the value that Mortgage CRM Systems add to your services. Marketing solutions include email marketing. Through automated marketing, you can update your customers about the mortgage industry. You can also keep them updated about changes in mortgage rates.

Other automated marketing materials include text messaging campaign templates, call scripts and web lead forms.

The marketing automation capabilities make it easier for you to keep in touch with your clients without forgetting to include them in all your marketing efforts, whether to update them about significant changes in the industry or only update them about what they are interested in.

Mortgage Event Notifications

Mortgage CRM Systems include mortgage event notifications. With mortgage event notifications, mortgage professionals like lenders and brokers can schedule reminders and alerts about mortgage industry events.

The mortgage event notification also includes information about rising annual premiums and upfront mortgage insurance rates. As a result, a mortgage professional can remain updated about any changes in the upfront mortgage insurance premium (UFMIP) or any industry-specific news through mortgage event notifications.

Mortgage CRM systems add value by keeping mortgage professionals up to date. This way, they are constantly aware of any changes in the industry and can change their goals and plans accordingly without any delay. 

Regulation Compliance

Compliance is critical for any mortgage company, and mortgage CRM is a tool that helps you remain compliant. In addition, lenders and brokers receive up-to-date information on housing industry regulations and compliance.

The Mortgage CRM includes modules designed to ensure mortgage brokers, lenders, and anyone in the mortgage business follow the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) guidelines and any industry-related guidelines.

Contact Management

Keeping track of contact information is relevant for the mortgage industry. Therefore, contact management is one of the main features of the Mortgage CRM. For the mortgage industry, leads mean prospects, and prospects mean closed deals.

CRM software is better than keeping the contact information on a spreadsheet or a note. CRM software keeps track of all contact information: name, address, phone numbers, etc., and the history of when a team member contacted a prospect and the status.

It tracks not only contact information but the entire loan process: the mortgage application, loan management, loan documentation, loan document management, etc. Your customers can apply for loans and monitor their loan applications and status through a web-based customer portal.

Through the CRM advanced contact management, you and your customers can keep track of the whole process. Your customers can also remain up-to-date through a mobile app. It is a win-win situation for your and your clients.

Loan and Sales Pipeline Management

When your Mortgage CRM integrates with LOS systems, loan pipeline management becomes possible. The integration allows brokers and lenders to track loans, view loan reports, and the contact information of everyone involved.

Keeping track of all this data is challenging without the help of Mortgage CRM software integrated with the LOS system of a mortgage company.

Sales Pipeline management helps you to track prospects and leads without any problems. You’re more likely to identify leads that are likely to convert and give them your complete attention. Keeping track of the whole process is your way to success.

Referral Management

Referrals are at the heart of the lender and broker industries. Mortgage email marketing, also known as the drip marketing campaign, is also a critical part of marketing in the mortgage industry. Mortgage CRMs send messages to referral partners and also to borrowers. And at the same time, you can monitor campaigns and know your loyal partners.

The Mortgage CRM will frequently send automated emails so that the borrowers and the real estate partners will know about your business’s latest updates and never forget about you.

Dashboard, Reports, and Analytics

One of the most critical features of the Mortgage CRM software is offering reporting and powerful insights and evaluations of all your data. Keeping track of data is good, but nothing compared to analyzing what data means.

Mortgage CRMs offer a centralized dashboard so all team members can view all the stages in the loan process and the sales pipeline. Through analytics, the team can figure out what is working and what isn’t. A mortgage CRM offers deep sales pipeline analytics. Some analytics tools may provide monthly KPI reports broken down by branch or loan officer.

Lead Generation

Generating leads is at the heart of every business. After all, you need to find people interested in your services and get them to become paying customers. New techniques can help you with your goal. So, a mortgage CRM with lead generation is a great choice.

Modern lead generation is about building relationships, messaging across multiple platforms and channels, and targeting only interested people.

So, how will a Mortgage CRM help you with lead generation efforts? A CRM’s most fascinating feature is integration. Integration with the right tools and websites will help you generate leads.

A power Mortgage CRM will help you integrate with lead generation platforms, websites, etc. as, Zillow,, and Facebook Ads.

Electronic Signature

Some mortgage CRMs integrate an electronic signature (E-signature) tool so that you can enjoy a better and faster work experience. For example, after you upload the documents, you can easily sign them electronically. Then, the signable versions will be sent to the borrowers, who can also add their electronic signatures. That takes only minutes. It’s a time-saving feature that loan officers and borrowers will likely appreciate as it simplifies the work process.

Document Management

Document management is critical for many businesses, but it is especially true for the mortgage industry. Managing documents takes a lot of time, so document management software is indispensable.

A valuable mortgage CRM has standardized electronic forms and automated requests, but it also simplifies the exchange of documents. A good mortgage CRM software will also help you create custom forms plus the pre-loaded forms and help you manage critical mortgage documentation. Loan document tracking, for example, is the type of document that a Mortgage CRM manages.

Benefits for the Mortgage Industry and Mortgage Professionals

Benefits for the Mortgage Industry and Mortgage Professionals

Increased Customer Satisfaction

A mortgage CRM tool maintains and keeps track of all client relationships. As a result, you will no longer lose track, forget to answer a question, or miss your valued customers’ feedback.

You offer great value to your customers when you constantly communicate with them, answer all their questions, follow up with their requests without delay, and notify them about important events. Great value means increased customer satisfaction. An increase in customer satisfaction means business success.

When you communicate with clients about their loan requests, they stay with you and do not go to another service provider.

Happy customers will recommend your business to family and friends, and they will leave a good review online as well.

Easy Work Processes

Automating repetitive tasks, sending frequent notifications, and relying on automated marketing materials lead to easy and smooth work processes. Instead of focusing on repetitive tasks or setting reminders for important tasks, the Mortgage CRM will simplify the process and help you focus on relevant tasks.

Easy work processes are the outcome of using CRM software. You and your employees will save time spent on repetitive tasks. And you will never leave out potential clients from email communication.

Closing Deals

The goal of every business under the sun is to close deals. When you keep track of all your data, it’s easier to communicate with potential clients and follow through with them until you eventually close the deal. Keeping track of all your business data helps you do just that. So, staying organized and keeping all your data in one place will help you close more deals.

Keeping Track of All Data

One of the most important features of CRM software is that you get to keep track of all your business data as communication with existing and potential clients, keeping track of the sales pipeline, and everything. You can keep track of client contact information, documents, emails, and loan statuses.

Instead of going through multiple channels or applications, you have everything you need in one place. This way, you can stay organized and never forget important business information.

Knowing What Works

Keeping track of all your data is critical, but using data to guide your business decisions is more important. CRM provides dashboards, reports, and analytics so you can measure your business goals and identify patterns and trends in your business data. Using metrics will help you improve your decision-making process because your decisions will be based on data and knowing what works. Your Mortgage CRM tool will guide you and help you make better business decisions.

9 Best Mortgage CRM Software Solutions

  • Shape
  • Whiteboard CRM
  • BN Touch
  • SureFire
  • Cimmaron
  • Encompass
  • Unify
  • Total Expert
  • Leadsquared



Shape offers a variety of CRM solutions for many industries like Education, HR and Recruiting, Sales, Call Center, Marketing, Solar, Legal, Real Estate, Mortgage, and Warranty.

Their CRM solutions offer various features relevant to all businesses, like sales automation, pipeline management, integrations, and reporting. In addition, their software takes care of digital advertising and leads scoring.

Shape offers helpful resources on its website to get businesses started and to walk you through the process and how CRM can help you take your business to the next level. Some of their popular guides are creating email templates, adjusting role permissions, configuring the customer portal, importing data, integrating apps, adding team members, and starting drip campaigns.


  • Suitable for and provides services to various businesses and industries.
  • The software is easy to install and use, according to user reviews on GetApp.
  • Excellent customer service
  • LOS Integration with Encompass, LendingPad, Calyx, Byte Software, and LendingDox


  • Additional charges for bulk email marketing per email sent, according to some user reviews.


  • Shape costs about $99 per user per month for its most relevant CRM features, and a free trial is available.


Whiteboard CRM

Whiteboard CRM

Whiteboard CRM is a good choice for mortgage professionals and the mortgage industry because it was built specially to meet the needs of the mortgage industry. Unlike Shape, Whiteboard CRM is a Mortgage CRM only.

  • Its features include lead management, pipeline management, partner management, and task management.
  • Whiteboard CRM offers team-based texting, reports and analytics, and mobile apps.
  • It also has lead source aggregators from the following sources: Pipeline ROI, LeadPops, etc. LOS integrations are also available with Encompass and Calyx.
  • Whiteboard CRM also offers the Mortgage Playbook, a tool designed to help you manage your business with minimum effort. The Mortgage Playbook has prebuilt and automated marketing materials and campaigns.


  • The Mortgage Playbook is super helpful to businesses with its predesigned material and editable campaigns.
  • Integrations with 2 LOS systems.
  • Integrations with Zillow,, and Facebook Ads


  • Customer service is a bit slow in responding and fixing issues.
  • Live chat support is not available


  • Pricing starts at $125 per month per user for the plan designed for 10-19 users.


BN Touch

BN Touch Mortgage CRM

BN Touch is also a CRM made especially for the Mortgage industry. BN Touch provides many services like email and SMS marketing automation, borrowers and partners management, live chat, surveys, pre-built marketing content, digital 1003 application, and collaboration tools.

BN Touch offers different options for their CRM solution. The first is called Individual, and it’s for mortgage professionals. Team plan is for marketing automation and database management. As for Enterprise, it’s for large businesses that need multiple solutions like compliance, corporate campaigns, and recruiting.


  • Integration with 5 Loan Origination Systems like Calyx, Encompass, LendingPad, ByteSoftware, and LendingQB
  • It can be connected to any third-party software.
  • E-signature tool is available.


  • No available training material to help team members learn how to use BN Touch CRM
  • Not intuitive and a bit hard to use, according to some users
  • Features for marketing automation and managing referral partners are limited to the Enterprise plan.


  • Their Individual plan costs $148 per month plus $99 fees for activation. For Team, it’s $79 per user per month. As for Enterprise, it depends on the business needs.




SureFire is also one of the CRMs dedicated to the Mortgage business and Mortgage professionals. Besides SureFire customer relationship management, SureFire offers content management, marketing automation, and a mortgage content library full of resources.

  • SureFire provides LOS integrations to major LOS systems in the market, like Encompass, Calyx, LendingPad, etc.
  • SureFire features include reporting, dashboards, omnichannel marketing automation, lead generation forms, and text message marketing.
  • SureFire offers multiple resources on its website about mortgage lead generation, mortgage pipeline, marketing automation, and best practices.


  • SureFire is customizable. Each loan officer can customize the system according to their chosen rules and workflows.
  • Good customer service


  • Pricing is not available on the website, so it’s hard to find how much you’re paying and for which features
  • Users reported it could be hard to use and not so intuitive.


  • Contact SureFire for details about pricing. No data is available on their website.




Cimmaron was founded in 1999 and specialized in many industries, but they’ve focused on the mortgage industry since 2005. Cimmaron helps you build relationships and take your business to the next level by automating tasks, providing loan status updates, and providing engaging and original content.

  • Cimmaron features include automated marketing.
  • Data security is one of the main features.
  • LOS integrations with major providers
  • Cimmaron also offers automated surveys, lead management, and mobile apps


  • Cimmaron provides training through the whole process and also through integration to make sure you have everything you need to get started.
  • Cimmaron has many customizable templates and offers marketing materials as well.


  • The mobile app is a bit slow, and problems with updates
  • Expensive for small organizations and start-ups


  • Pricing for Cimmaron is $100 per user per month with a minimum of $500, plus a one-time setup fee of $500, and a free trial is unavailable.



Encompass is “the all-in-one mortgage management solution for lenders.” Encompass offers loan origination software; ideally, a loan origination system provides CRM services. This way, you don’t have to look for a compatible mortgage CRM that integrates smoothly. If you already use Encompass, choosing their CRM software might not be bad. Let’s see some of their standard features.

Encompass CRM offers data and analytics, intelligent automation solutions, compliance, sales and marketing solutions, and lead generation.

Encompass also integrates with Salesforce to offer great value for Encompass users. They call this tool the “Encompass Connector┬« for Salesforce┬«, and through it, your team will have “the ability to access the latest Encompass loan information without leaving Salesforce.”


  • Users comment that Encompass is very user-friendly.
  • Up to date about industry trends
  • Some of their greatest features are document management and dashboard customization.


  • Customer support could be better
  • Data analytics and reporting need improvement
  • Users commented that the software is expensive and complained that pricing is not available for users to compare services and features with other providers.


  • No pricing information is listed on the website




Unify has been around since 2008. Their mission is “to provide a software platform to help residential mortgage companies find new prospects and turn them into customers quickly.”Unify collaborated with Propertybase to offer more valuable services. In 2001, they collaborated with Lone Wolf Technologies, the industry leader in real estate tech. In simple words, Unify aims to provide many solutions for the mortgage industry.

Unify offers multiple features for mortgage professionals:

  • Contact Management
  • Marketing and Automation
  • Automated Workflows
  • Prequalified mortgage prospects
  • Mobile app
  • LOS integration with major providers


  • Unify integrates with Encompass, Calyx, and SimpleNexus
  • The software alerts you when your clients are looking for a loan
  • Comprehensive marketing solutions like video marketing, direct mail, emails, flyers, and text messaging


  • A bit complicated and hard to use
  • Reporting can be a bit confusing, according to some user reviews


  • Pricing information is not available on the website


Total Expert

Total Expert CRM

Total Expert specializes in financial services like mortgage lending, banking, and credit unions and aims to empower banks and mortgage lenders.

Their services include lead and contact management with a 360-degree contact view, customer retention, sales productivity, dashboard, analytics, and LOS integration with SimpleNexus.


  • Easy to use
  • New features are constantly added
  • Creating automated campaigns is a valuable feature and easy to use
  • It fits the needs of the banking and mortgage industry, like covering property sites and syncing and updating financial information.


  • Integration with only one LOS software, SimpleNexus
  • It takes time to reach customer support


  • Pricing information is unavailable on the website, but you can schedule a demo to check service and contact Total Expert for pricing information.



Leadsquared CRM

Leadsquared provides services in the following sectors: financial services, education, marketplaces, healthcare, real estate, automotive, and travel.

  • Their products include marketing automation, sales Execution CRM, mobile CRM, customer portal, and ales performance suite.
  • Leadsquared integrates with loan origination systems. Leadsquared also integrates with many apps like Zoom, Salesforce, Google Meet, WhatsApp, Twitter, Super Receptionist, and Gmail.
  • Leadsquared also offers self-serve lending portals to help borrowers apply for loans, in addition to borrower segmentation to know their geographic location or credit history and automation.


  • According to user reviews, the many advantages of Leadsquared include Reminder Pop-ups, defined dashboards, email campaigns, and autoresponders.
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable and automated workflows.
  • Needs minimal training
  • Tracking the progress of leads is easy


  • No access to the application from mobile phones.
  • A bit expensive compared to other service providers
  • The setup process took a long time
  • Integration with other platforms is a bit challenging


  • Sales Execution CRM starts at $25 per user per month. For Field Force Automation, you get customized pricing according to your needs. As for Marketing Automation, it starts at $400 per month, billed annually.


How to Pick Mortgage CRM: (3 Essential Features & Services to Look for)

How to Pick Mortgage CRM

This is not a comprehensive list. There are many more features and services to help your business. It’s essential, however, to choose software with core industry features like LOS integrations listed below. Although quite underrated, we’ve also listed important features, like finding service providers with user-friendly software and excellent customer support.

#1 LOS Integrations

It has to integrate perfectly with the LOS system you use. Make sure your LOS software is listed on the Mortgage CRM website. LOS system is relevant for the mortgage industry, so don’t use a Mortgage CRM if LOS integration is unavailable.

#2 User-friendly Software

CRM has to be user-friendly. What’s the point of having a great CRM if your team members don’t know how to use it for high value?

#3 Great Customer Support

This is especially true for corporations. CRM software is complicated and integrating it with every tool or software you use takes time. Also, importing your business data takes time. The service provider must offer outstanding customer support and availability to answer your questions and fix any issues that may arise without delay.

So, if customer support is one of your main priorities, pick a company that offers live chat support. It’s important to note that some Mortgage CRM software service providers offer email support only.

Mortgage CRM Software FAQs

What is the best CRM for mortgage lenders?

Various Mortgage CRMs are available for you to choose from. But, of course, your budget and the integrations to the software you already use are the best.

What software is used in the mortgage industry?

Loan origination software is generally used in the mortgage industry, but integration with Mortgage CRM software is relevant for your business.

The loan origination software keeps track of the loan process, and the Mortgage CRM system organizes the lead management process, manages contact information, and generates leads.

What is a LOS system?

A LOS system is a loan origination software or loan origination system used by mortgage professionals to track and manage the stages of the loan process.

Can I get a free trial with the Mortgage CRM Software?

Yes, some CRM Mortgage providers offer a free trial like SureFire.

How is the Mortgage CRM Different from the General CRM, and Can I Use a General CRM Instead?

A general CRM would have lead generation and automation tools. Still, it will not have industry-specific features like LOS Integrations, regulation compliance, and lead generation from real estate websites like Zillow and Yes, you can use a general CRM, but it won’t offer you the same value as the Mortgage CRM.

How can the Mortgage Software Help me Get More Leads?

The mortgage software integrates with real estate websites and offers insights and data to help you get more leads.

Does the Mortgage CRM track the loan process?

No, the loan-originating software tracks the loan process, but you can integrate it with your Mortgage CRM to see the whole picture.

Which loan origination software offers CRM?

Encompass provides all-in-one mortgage solutions. Their solutions include loan origination, Mortgage CRM, and loan registration solutions.

In conclusion

Mortgage CRM has many features that support those working in the mortgage industry by automating the process and integrating with industry-specific tools and software like loan origination software, real estate websites, or Facebooks Ads. With a mortgage CRM, you can generate leads, automate tasks, create dashboards, and grow your business.

Deciding which CRM tool can be tricky, but using a tool designed for the mortgage industry is better, as a general CRM won’t integrate with loan origination software.

Most Mortgage CRM service providers offer demos, so you can check whether the service suits your business needs. It’s vital to ensure that the CRM you choose integrates with the tools you use.

We hope this guide has helped you discover the main features of significant mortgage CRM service providers, the features that users have liked, and what needs improvement about each Mortgage CRM system.

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