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Your Guide to the Best Recruitment CRM Software

Recently updated on February 26th, 2023 at 12:25 pm

The hiring process is time-consuming. You post job ads to attract qualified candidates, review CVs, and schedule interviews, but it’s a dead-end process if a candidate you think is a good fit for the job is unavailable.

And if you need to hire for the same position again, you repeat the process. So, if you’re asking yourself: how to attract candidates without suffering through the hiring process, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll introduce Recruitment CRM Software. We’ll see who can best benefit from this tool. We’ll go over the main features and services of a Recruitment CRM. Then, we’ll review some of the best recruiting CRM software in the market so you can decide which tool best suits your business.

This review is based on the features advertised on service providers’ websites, pricing of the service – if available – and pros and cons according to some user reviews.

What is the Recruitment CRM Software?

Candidate relationship management, or Recruiting CRM software, is a tool that takes care of the entire hiring process. A recruitment CRM platform will simplify the entire recruiting process by allowing you to find top talent, build great candidate relationships, maintain a talent pool, generate reports, etc. Your recruiting efforts will be so much easier with this software.

Later, we’ll list the features and services of Recruitment CRM software to see how it can help you with the hiring process. But first, let’s see who will benefit from this software.

Who is the Recruitment CRM for?

The Recruiting CRM software will help small businesses, mid-sized companies, enterprises, corporate HRs, and staffing agencies have an organized and structured hiring process. In short, this tool can benefit anyone who wants to attract candidates and job seekers. Recruitment CRMs ensure easier recruitment processes.

Best Recruitment CRM Software for the Entire Recruiting Process

  • Zoho Recruit
  • PipeDrive
  • iSmart Recruit
  • Recruiterflow
  • Bullhorn
  • Manatal
  • Avature
  • SmartDreamers
  • Symphony Talent
  • Yello
  • Recruit CRM
  • Talentlyft
  • Gem

Main Features of the Recruitment CRM Software for Recruiting Efforts

Features of the Recruitment CRM Software

Most Recruitment CRM software has features that simplify the recruitment process. Let’s see some of the relevant features of the hiring industry.

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

An applicant tracking system is an independent tool. It’s not really a feature, but some service providers offer both (CRM and ATS) at the same time. Applicant makes the hiring and recruitment process much faster and is one of the must-have tools for recruiting teams. As the name implies, an applicant tracking system is a software that manages and keeps track of applicants.

An applicant tracking system helps businesses organize information relevant to the hiring process. The hiring team can sort and filter applicants to make better hiring decisions. A tool like an applicant tracking system can help you sort and filter through thousands of CVs in no time.

Recruitment Automation

Recruitment automation is replacing traditional recruitment with more up-to-date, automated processes to speed up the hiring process and minimize the workload of the hiring team while streamlining the hiring process and making it more efficient.

The purpose of recruitment automation is to eliminate manual tasks like sourcing, screening, or even attracting candidates. HR and Recruitment Teams want to benefit from AI technologies and current advanced tools and have a more efficient hiring process.

The tasks that can be automated include but are not limited to resume screening and interview scheduling. Resume screening identifies how many of the keywords used in the CV match the open job. As for interview scheduling, tools access hiring managers’ calendars to find suitable interview times hassle-free.

Recruitment Marketing

One of the primary recruitment goals of any organization under the sun is to encourage talented individuals to apply. Companies should play a role if they want to rise above the competition instead of deciding to wait and see.

Recruitment marketing is a strategy that enables businesses to establish their brand to attract and engage talent. Recruitment marketing is a tool that helps recruiters increase brand awareness, build positive relationships with candidates, and frequently send automated emails to notify candidates about future job openings that are suitable for them.

Recruitment marketing is about marketing the company by doing the best with the help of the marketing team and the CRM tool to engage and attract talent so that talented candidates are eager to apply.

Candidate Sourcing

Sometimes, finding the best talent is about being proactive. A recruiting team will have to find a candidate who hasn’t applied for the job and has never heard of the company before. Finding great candidates is called candidate sourcing.

The candidate sourcing feature in a recruitment tool helps the recruitment team search for and reach potential candidates. This feature will enable you to source candidates directly from the LinkedIn platform or send job ad links to candidates to apply. 


Compliance is an important feature to look for when you pick a Recruitment CRM or any recruitment tool. Following the rules and regulations should be a priority for any business. Many Recruitment CRMs like help you stay GDPR compliant, like Yello and Recruit CRM.

This is especially important if your recruiting firm is international and works with EU countries. No matter where your business is, compliance is not something your business should take lightly. Always check the rules and regulations and whether your CRM tools meet those requirements.


The best recruitment tools combine both a CRM and an ATS system. However, if your recruitment tool doesn’t offer both. The CRM tool you pick must integrate smoothly with your ATS system for better tracking and organization of your data. When it comes to integrations, many integrations are just as important.

Some recruitment tools enable you to integrate with LinkedIn, Gmail, Outlook, Slack, etc. Integrations are beneficial because you can use your favorite apps with the recruitment CRM.

Employee Referrals

Employee referral is an amazing hiring method that uses the recommendations of your current employees to help you make better hiring decisions and find great talent faster. Most companies already use referrals, so it’s not a new hiring method, and for good reasons.

Employee referrals help improve hiring quality as employees know precisely the skillsets you’re looking for and who exactly to recommend for the job. Employee referrals reduce the time it takes to reach new candidates.

Tools with employee referrals help employees refer their friends or family whom they see fit for the role by sending direct links. This keeps all employees engaged with the hiring process.

Collaborative Hiring

Collaborative hiring is when team members make the hiring decision together. Collaborative hiring is when they cooperate and choose the most suitable candidate, the one they all agree is the most skilled and fits the company culture.

Collaborative hiring is also called team-based hiring. This process involves hiring managers, recruiters, and often executives as well. It’s a great process because it considers what the team thinks and collects their feedback to reach the best possible decision. It’s an even better process when it’s done through a tool like recruitment CRM software.

The recruitment tool provides features to hiring managers and others to engage in the hiring process by customizing the recruitment workflow and keeping everyone engaged and informed.

Pipeline Management

Pipeline management in recruiting is knowing where each candidate stands in the hiring process. Software that does that helps you keep track of candidates without resorting to complicated spreadsheets. Pipeline management keeps everything organized.

Through the software, hiring managers and recruiters can track all candidates: manage the interview process and/or send emails to clients. It’s easier to recruit candidates without losing track of where they stand. You can see who has been selected for an interview and who might be considered for future job openings.

Plus, everyone on the hiring team will know about the steps taken when they were not around. Team members won’t need to check with each other or review spreadsheets to know where each candidate stands.

Advanced Analytics, Reports, and Dashboards

Your hiring efforts are nothing if they do not go hand in hand with an advanced analytics tool to help your business track progress or any shortcomings and know which platforms are most helpful in hiring your best candidates.

And you should also know the best ways to reduce your hiring time. Analytics can help you find out the cost of hiring for each position. Analytics can show you insights about improving the hiring process and where candidates most often drop out.

Powerful Recruitment CRM tools offer advanced analytics, reporting, and dashboards to keep the hiring process simple and also help you improve the hiring process. In addition, you can easily create reports from the CRM tool.

Mobile Hiring App

Nowadays, recruitment tools should be up-to-date to meet the needs of the changing market. Hiring teams and managers need a mobile app to conveniently track and manage applicants. Here’s what hiring managers can do.

They can screen, review candidates, and connect with them. This way, hiring decisions can be taken from anywhere, using any device. This helps with speeding up the hiring process.

Hiring through a mobile application is an amazing feature. Some features of hiring through a mobile app include setting the interview questions throughout the whole hiring process and scheduling interviews with candidates. In this day and age, a mobile hiring app is no longer a luxury.

Benefits for the Recruitment Industry

Benefits for the Recruitment Industry

Simplify & Automate the Recruitment Process

No one wants a complex hiring process. So, if you want to simplify the hiring process, get a tool that will help you organize candidate information, where they are in the hiring process, and also organize how managers and recruiters can view and track them.

A perfect tool would also help you automate the process by scheduling interviews and sending rejection emails to candidates who haven’t been selected.

There are many benefits to a great CRM tool, and simplifying and automating the recruitment process are among them.

Provide Insights

Recruitment CRM tools have analytics and reporting. This is a great feature because it tells businesses if they are following the recruitment strategies that work or if they need to think of something else.

Analytics can help you by telling you which platforms bring quality hires and how to improve the hiring process to retain top talent. Making better business decisions depends on data. A CRM that provides analytics is perfectly capable of helping you improve decisions.

Streamlining the Hiring Process

Hiring managers and recruiters can all access the same data at the same time. This way, they can all see which candidates have been contacted and which ones have responded without asking each other through email or without someone making the mistake of contacting the same candidate twice.

Everyone on the team is aware of the steps taken and the steps that should be taken next. It’s a great tool for any hiring team and the whole organization in general.

Best Recruitment CRM Software

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit

Zoho Recruit is one of the well-known platforms in recruitment. It offers both solutions: ATS and candidate relationship management CRM, also known as Recruitment CRM.

Zoho Recruit provides solutions to many industries and also many types of organizations. They offer features to help companies attract talent and track and manage applications through the hiring process.

Zoho Recruit offers the possibility to create a customizable careers site for your business, offers job advertising, and has candidate sourcing plus employee referral to attract top talent.

Hiring pipeline to keep track of the entire hiring process and collaborative hiring to include team members in the decision process. It features hiring analytics to make data-driven decisions using key performance indicators and integrates with 50+ tools like LinkedIn and Outlook.


  • Zoho offers a 15-day free trial for all their packages.
  • Availability of interview scheduling


  • The user interface needs improvement, according to some user reviews.
  • Some users complaint about customer support


For Corporate HRs and Staffing agencies, Zoho recruit offers a free package with some basic features in addition to paid packages that start at $20 per user per month billed annually.


Pipedrive CRM

PipeDrive offers customer relationship management tools for various industries like insurance, marketing, real estate, etc. But they also provide a Recruitment CRM that is both a helpful and time-saving solution for anyone who wants to hire top talent.

PipeDrive has the basic features of a Recruitment CRM as applicant tracking software to keep track of applicants during the hiring process. PipeDrive helps your business with candidate engagement by allowing you to connect with both active and passive candidates.

PipeDrive offers analytics and reports to help you measure and track your recruiting efforts, so you can improve the processes and time needed to hire. PipeDrive integrates with many tools like Zapier and Slack.


  • A 14-day free trial is available, and a credit card is not required.
  • PipeDrive features the ability to track and manage candidates through a database.


  • Some features are missing from the mobile app.
  • Customer support could be better.


PipeDrive offers three plans starting at $9 per user per month, billed annually.

iSmart Recruit

iSmart Recruit

As the name implies, iSmart Recruit specializes only in offering multiple recruitment solutions such as applicant tracking systems, Recruitment CRM, and hiring software. iSmart Recruit can help with automating manual tasks and improving recruiter productivity.

iSmart Recruit CRM has a candidate relationship management feature that lets you create talent pools and engage candidates through a customizable self-service portal. It also integrates with Outlook and Gmail calendars and synchronizes interviews.

iSmart Recruit automatically syncs so team members can track when a colleague last contacted a candidate without asking each other.


  • You can request a demo and get a 14-day free trial.
  • It is easy to use and customizable.


  • The algorithm that connects job and talent pool needs some improvement.
  • iSmart Recruit needs to connect with more job portals


Pricing starts at $25 per user per month.



Recruiterflow is designed to help recruiting agencies through its ATS and CRM. While an ATS helps with recruiting, the Recruitment CRM helps maintain relationships between candidates and clients.

Recruiterflow helps agencies integrate the CRM software with the ATS software to improve the evaluation process and streamline recruitment.

Just like any CRM, the Recruitment CRM can let you view a lead’s history, assign tasks, update contact information, and help you close deals fasters.

Client portal by Recruiterflow helps you promptly share candidate information with clients so they can track the hiring process.

Recruiterflow also provides recruitment automation where candidates get notified if they are disqualified or rejected.


  • The software is easy to use and quite intuitive.
  • Amazing customer support and live chat
  • Can create customized reports
  • A 14-day free trial, and you can also get a demo.


  • Need more integrations with job boards
  • The analytics feature needs to be more detailed.


Recruiterflow packages start at $99 per user per month with all the required features for small recruiting teams.



Bullhorn specializes in “software for the staffing industry,” offering solutions to start-ups, enterprises, and small to midsized businesses by offering several products like applicant tracking, CRM, talent platform, and automation solutions.

Bullhorn features email integration, reporting to help with business decisions, and customer relationship management to become aware of clients’ business needs. In short, Bullhorn is the ultimate solution for the recruiting industry, enabling agencies to increase sales and streamline operations.


  • Availability of live demo to check Bullhorn features and services
  • Easy to use, has good integration options, and integrates with email


  • Customer support needs improvement
  • The mobile application doesn’t work well as the desktop


Bullhorn offers 4 plans for different business needs. Bullhorn pricing is not available on the website.



Manatal is an AI Recruitment Software trusted by many recruitment teams like Microsoft, Adecco, and Ogilvy. The software features AI-powered recommendations to recommend qualified candidates, a mobile application to simplify workflow, in addition to Recruitment CRM software to centralize activities related to clients like email communication.

Manatal also offers a branded career page, candidate sourcing from platforms like LinkedIn and job boards, and analytics and reports to track metrics.


  • So easy to use and integrate
  • The ability to build a candidate database and the mass email feature are both helpful.


  • No automated reports
  • Unresponsive customer support
  • Not enough job board integrations


Manatal plans start at $15 per user per month for small teams. Manatal offers a custom plan on demand that depends on business needs.



Avature “built the first CRM for talent acquisition.” Avature’s CRM will help you build campaigns, automate processes, and manage job ads on social media while tracking metrics to understand the impact of your social reach.

Avature lets you automate your marketing efforts and also integrate several platforms for value, like job boards, SMS, and video interview systems. In addition, Avature allows you to build and design your Career sites and allows you to use AI experience to connect candidates with suitable opportunities.

In addition to CRM, applicant tracking, career sites, and analytics, Avature lets you enjoy the power of employee referrals. Employees can easily recommend their friends and connections.


  • Software is very easy to use
  • Forms, workflows, etc., are easily customizable


  • Customer support needs to be more helpful after-sale, according to some reviews.
  • Basic plan missing important features
  • Continuous software updates cause issues


Pricing information is not available on the Avature website.



SmartDreamers CRM tool helps businesses build relationships with all candidates, whether active or passive, whether they’ve applied for the job or simply viewed the job ad. SmartDreamers CRM helps you engage, track, and automate the entire process.

SmartDreamers integrates with your ATS software, offers analytics for career pages, builds relationships with all candidates, and offers social media marketing and retargeting. SmartDreamers automates your entire talent acquisition ecosystem.


  • You can get a demo to check if the service is suitable for you
  • Integrates with many social media platforms


  • Pricing data and features are not clear on the website for comparison with other service providers.


No pricing information is available

Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent

Symphony Talent is a CRM tool that is powered by AI to provide and recommend the best candidates so you can source smarter and make informed hiring decisions. Symphony Talent also helps you build internal talent pipelines to benefit from your current employees because they are also a talent pool that should be recognized.

Symphony Talent CRM helps you capture, nurture, screen, rediscover, engage, and track. This way, when you start recruiting, you don’t start from scratch. You’ll have a database readily available for future hiring.

Among Symphony Talent’s other services are career sites that you can easily build with a chat assistant, automated advertising, talent assessment tools, and analytics.


  • Great customer service
  • Integrations are quite easy
  • A demo is available to check how Symphony Talent can help with recruitment.


  • The applicant tracking system is not one of their products
  • Reporting is a bit limited


  • Pricing data is not included on the website



Yello’s Recruitment CRM helps manage and track candidates, create SMS and email campaigns, automate interview follow-ups, integrate with job boards, organize candidates, and filter them. In addition, Yello follows and supports data privacy regulations. So, with Yello, you’ll stay compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and other regulations.

Yello also provides candidate engagement solutions, automation, reporting, interview scheduling, and candidate evaluations.


  • You can request a demo to find out more about the service
  • Collecting, storing, and organizing data efficiently is one of Yello’s best features


  • Expensive in comparison to other service providers, according to some user reviews
  • A free trial is not available.
  • Not easy to use software and requires some training


Plan details and pricing are not available on the website.

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM

Recruit CRM is a single solution for the recruitment process. Recruit CRM is both an applicant tracking system and CRM. Features of Recruit CRM include ATS, CRM, Reporting, Analytics, Sourcing, Email Integrations, and Integrations.

Recruit CRM integrates with Zapier, and Zapier allows a business to integrate with 5000+ apps. The ATS software has a resume parser feature to transform CVs into candidates, with bulk emailing features, candidate history, and a kanban board view of candidates.

CRM enables you to call and record calls within the system, share jobs on social media, and submit candidates to clients. With email integration, you can check whether candidates viewed your emails. As for candidate sourcing, you can post job ads to 2000+ job boards.

In addition to the listed solutions above, Recruit CRM offers live chat support, mobile application, and invoicing. Plus, Recruit CRM is GDPR compliant.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Availability of free trial
  • Software is very customizable


  • Limited reporting
  • A bit expensive for smaller teams


Recruit CRM offers 3 plans starting at $40 per user per month, and you can try 2 out of the 3 plans for free.



Talentlyft is quite a powerful tool because it combines applicant tracking, recruitment marketing, sourcing, and talent recruitment CRM. Talentlyft keeps candidates engaged through an advanced CRM tool.

CRM tool enables the recruitment team to organize data and save time by segmenting the talent pool and creating powerful filters to filter candidates by location or skill sets. A CRM also helps target candidates with personalized email campaigns and sourcing candidates by posting on multiple job boards.

Applicant tracking allows you to evaluate and choose the best and most suitable candidates. Talentlyft helps with a career site. Finally, analytics is one of their features. It helps you determine where your best candidates come from and which efforts lead to the best hiring decisions.


  • A free trial is available
  • You can request a demo
  • Easy to use and quite customizable software


  • Few integrations with other tools.


Talentlyft plan starts at $40 per month with the availability of a free trial for that plan.


Gem recruiting crm software

Gem CRM organizes talent data in one place and helps you build a talent database. Gem also offers talent outsourcing and outreach to help you stay in touch with talented candidates while automating your sourcing efforts and curating content to help with your employer’s brand image.

Gem is also a centralized location for all communication coming from multiple apps. One of Gem’s features is pipeline management. This feature helps businesses find out where every candidate stands in recruitment and control whether candidates are accepted or rejected from one place.


  • You can request a demo
  • A free trial is available
  • Gem is free for startups who meet the following criteria: less than 15 employees, incorporated less than 3 years ago and raised funding of less than $5 Million.


  • Dashboards need to be improved.
  • It takes time to figure out how to use the software


Pricing information is not available on their website

3 Essential Features & Services to Look for in a Recruitment CRM

The more features your service provider offers besides the Recruitment CRM, the better. However, there are essential features that you should consider when you think about using a CRM tool.

Applicant Tracking

A recruitment CRM tool that comes with an ATS system is an amazing service offered by some companies like Recruit CRM. If not, ensure that the Recruitment CRM integrates smoothly with your ATS.


Compliance with rules and regulations is crucial for businesses, small or large. When you pick a Recruitment CRM tool, compliance is one of the essential services to think about.


Keeping your data in one place is very important, and a CRM that integrates with all your tools, applications, etc., can do just that. Ensure the CRM tool of your choice integrates smoothly with all the other tools your already use.

FAQs about Recruitment CRM Software

What is the difference between a CRM and ATS?

An applicant tracking system is a tool to keep track of candidates through the hiring process, while CRM is a tool to maintain candidate relationships and ensure they are engaged.

Most service providers offer both tools; if not, they ensure that you can integrate the CRM with your ATS system.

Which CRM tools are GDPR compliant?

Yello and Recruit CRM are both GDPR compliant. So, if this is an important requirement, any of those tools will make a good choice.

*GDPR is a European Union regulation. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. You must comply if your business is international and you work with EU countries.

What is a CRM in recruiting?

CRM, in recruiting, is a candidate relationship management tool.

It helps recruiters stay on top of the hiring process by building strong relationships with candidates and keeping them engaged to improve the hiring process.

Do I need a recruitment CRM tool?

Absolutely. Although many recruiting firms and HR teams can manage without a CRM tool. Nowadays, it’s a relevant tool to improve and speed up the hiring process.

After all, a CRM tool helps you maintain better relationships with candidates and streamline the hiring process.

Can I get a free trial for a Recruitment CRM?

Yes, many recruitment CRM service providers offer a free trial.

Some service providers who don’t offer a free trial offer a demo so you can view how their CRM tool matches or does not match your business needs.

In conclusion

A recruitment CRM is indispensable nowadays. It will help businesses streamline the hiring process. Your business will definitely benefit from the many features of a CRM tool. In this article, we’ve reviewed some of the well-known service providers so you can pick a service that fits your business needs and your budget.

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