Best Chatbots for Shopify

Best Chatbot Apps for Shopify Store

Recently updated on November 28th, 2022 at 10:47 pm

After setting up your Shopify store, what next? Like many Shopify store owners, you may want to add a chatbot app to support your customer service team. And while this may seem like a simple task, it usually isn’t. 

To save you the time and stress of sifting through multiple Shopify chatbots, we highlighted some of the best chatbot apps for the Shopify store in 2022. We included key features, pricing, and other important information to make selection easier.

What is a Chatbot?

A chatbot is a digital assistant and an AI-powered program that stimulates human-like conversations with store visitors or prospects. It helps engage prospects while answering their queries and offering solutions encouraging them to take action. AI chatbots can communicate via voice and text. They can be integrated with websites, apps, and messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

Unlike human agents, chatbots, which are AI-supported programs, are often available 24/7. If added to your eCommerce website, they can keep visitors engaged in an ongoing conversation, thus, increasing customer satisfaction and user experience.

What is a Shopify Chatbot?

A Shopify chatbot is simply an AI-powered program that encourages conversation with store visitors while providing instant answers to pressing queries.

Shopify chatbot apps can extract data from your store to automate repetitive tasks like day-to-day customer conversations, sales, monitoring store inventory, etc. This e-commerce app is designed to serve many Shopify store visitors, making it an ideal option for e-commerce businesses looking for an effective means to engage prospects and increase sales.

Why do you need chatbot support for your Shopify store?

Shopify chatbots are great. They have perks and features that can benefit different aspects of your business. But why should you consider adding one to your Shopify store?

Here are a few reasons.

1. Engage your customers better:

Chatbot support allows you to maximize customer interactions and engage your customers better. Their 24/7 availability helps you initiate conversations with website visitors, answer customers’ messages instantly, and offer product recommendations—regardless of the time.

2. Add ease to the buying process:

Shopify chatbots are AI-powered, meaning they are smart enough to help prospects pass through various stages of the buyer’s journey without friction. They do this by making personalized product recommendations, answering customer queries, and adding ease to the shopping process.

3. Support your sales team:

Your sales team can only provide support during their working hours. However, a Shopify chatbot can offer round-the-clock support for your business, thus boosting your lead acquisition and nurturing game.

4. Personalize conversations:

One of the best ways to engage customers and make them feel special is by having personalized conversations with them. Lucky for you, Shopify AI-powered chatbots can do this.

With this software added to your store, you can personalize conversations based on customers’ search history, shopping history, preferences, etc.

What features to look for in a Shopify chatbot app?

The Shopify app store is home to many Shopify chatbots, each with distinctive features. Before choosing one for your Shopify site, ensure you consider these features. They’ll guide you when choosing the best Shopify chatbot for your eCommerce business.

1. Easy to integrate with support and sales software

When looking for the best chatbot apps for your Shopify store, ensure you go for one that allows you to integrate your sales and support tool stack to improve their productivity.

While sales tools like CRM are effective in storing captured leads and contacts, support tools will help the chatbot create a ticket or offer insightful articles should you receive a query that is hard to understand.

2. Supports comprehensive analytics and reports

While your Shopify chatbot is up and running, you may want to keep track of your progress via reports and analytics. To do this, you’ll have to go for a chatbot that offers extensive reports and analytics features, as this will help you understand the performance of your eCommerce website.

With the reports, you should be able to track the number of acquired leads and the number of potential customers who interacted with the chatbot regardless of whether they finished the conversation.

3. Top-notch customer data protection

Chatbots capture leads and customer details essential to your business’s growth. To ensure the captured details are safe and secure, you should use a chatbot app that offers good customer data protection. The chatbot should also be GDPR compliant.

Best Chatbots for Shopify

The internet is rife with many Shopify chatbot apps. To ensure that you select the best for your eCommerce business, we sifted through many chatbot apps and came up with some of the best.


Tidio Shopify Chatbot & Live Chat

Tidio, one of the best Shopify chatbot apps, is a software that doubles as a live chat that integrates with your Shopify website. This artificial intelligence-powered software can be used to automate your entire lead generation process nonstop. Plus, it offers comprehensive analytic reports which help you monitor how chatbot conversations affect your sales, message click-through rates, user retention, etc.

Tidio offers pre-made templates that can be used immediately without coding knowledge. This chatbot app allows you to access live chat, chatbots, email, Facebook messenger, and even Instagram messages in one dashboard. If well utilized, Tidio can help boost customer satisfaction and sales.


  • Offers round-the-clock support, 5 days a week
  • Comprehensive widget customization options suitable for your website
  • It comes with over 30 pre-designed chatbot template
  • FAQ chatbot to answer queries regarding shipping status, process refunds, etc.
  • Support for over 20 integrations
  • Uses natural language processing technology to automate support requests for your support team
  • Free plan
  • $19/mo (communicator plan)
  • $39/mo (chatbots plan)
  • $289/mo (Tidio+)

PS: Each plan comes with different features.

Avada Io


Avada isn’t a chatbot per se. It is a free FAQ app that handles customers’ concerns and urgent problems without your help. These concerns can be regarding order and shipping, order status or tracking, and other common questions.

Avada FAQ works round-the-clock like a typical chatbot, providing quick answers to customer queries. Users can set up FAQs popups that satisfy customers’ questions, regardless of how much. The best part? You don’t need coding knowledge to do this—it’s that easy! If integrated with eCommerce websites, Avada can help improve conversion rates and boost sales.


  • Tracks order status
  • Fully customizable widgets
  • Impressive FAQ interface
  • Round-the-clock live chat support
  • Unlimited FAQs categories
  • Multiple contact us options
  • Free


Gobot AI Chatbot for Shopify

Are you looking for a Shopify chat app that offers shopping quizzes? Or one that recommends the appropriate product to customers? If yes, Gobot is the Shopify chatbot app you need.

Gobot is a chatbot that has several key features. In addition to offering shopping quizzes, this software can help your business answer repetitive questions about returns, order status, etc. It also collects customer feedback (which can be significant in future communications) and makes accurate product recommendations using artificial intelligence.

Overall, Gobot can help boost conversions and reduce your support team’s burden.


  • Comprehensive knowledge base
  • Shopping quizzes that gather customer behavior
  • Drag and drop flow builder
  • Integrates with Zendesk, Gorgias, and Salesforce
  • Customer feedback collection post-checkout
  • Gobot offers the first 5,000 customer engagements for free
  • Other pricing plans are available on request


Chatra chatbot live chat

Chatra is another chatbot that doubles as a live chat and Shopify chatbot app. This easy-to-use software has features that can boost customer experience by answering queries and quelling concerns. Plus, it can keep customers engaged 24/7 thanks to its online and offline bots.

With Chatra, you can gather essential feedback and use them to identify problems, collect customers’ contact details, understand your customers better, and improve your store. This bot also offers you access to shopper’s cart contents in real-time to point out the most valuable customers and provide customized assistance where needed.  


  • Contact form bot
  • Online and offline bots
  • Real-time visitor insights
  • Targeted messages and triggers
  • Integration with Facebook and Instagram
  • Forever-free plan
  • $21/mo (Essential)
  • $29/ mo ( Pro)

Re: amaze

Re-amaze AI chatbot Shopify

Re: amaze—a live chat widget and a Shopify chatbot tool, is a product of GoDaddy, a domain registrar. This tool offers users chatbot templates that can easily be used to create custom bots. At the same time, those who want to build their chatbot from scratch can leverage its custom chatbot builder.

Re: amaze is a 24/7 customer communication tool designed to help businesses support, engage, and convert leads by answering queries and easing concerns. This web-based helpdesk comes with impressive features like chat and automatic customer engagement. Plus, it can be integrated with your social media, mobile, and email channels.


  • Personalized chatbot builder to create custom chatbots
  • It has many chatbot templates
  • Customizable chatbot identities
  • Multibranding options 
  • Chatbot option
  • Have triggers designed to enable chatbot functionality
  • $29/mo ( Basic plan)
  • $49/mo ( Pro)
  • $69/mo ( Plus)
  • $899/mo ( Enterprise custom)

Maisie AI

Maisie AI chatbot for Shopify store

Maisie AI remains one of the best Shopify chatbot apps. Built specifically for eCommerce business owners, this customer communication platform offers users perks like pre-made templates and custom builders for those who want to create custom chatbot apps.

Maisie offers 24/7 customer support services, including a virtual shopping assistant designed to help customers locate the appropriate product and answer urgent queries. It has an impressive user interface and appearance that will excite business owners who adore simplicity and quality.


  • Multiple chatbot templates
  • Human handover
  • Issue routing and tracking
  • Lost sale recovery
  • Returns processing
  • $15/ mo (5k plan)
  • $29/mo (10k plan)
  • $49/mo (25k plan)
  • $79/mo (50k plan)

Relish AI

Relish AI Chatbot for Shopify

Around 97% of website visitors exit your site without making a purchase. You can tackle this issue by engaging site visitors with personalized conversations at every step of their journey. Relish does it on autopilot. 

Relish is an AI-powered chatbot designed to automate customer support. Integrating this chatbot app with your Shopify store can boost sales and conversion rates.

Unlike other chatbots on this list, Relish offers users different Shopify AI chatbot templates that focus on cross-selling and upselling products. The template also offers product discovery assistance, Shopify abandonment cart recovery, and FAQs.


  • Has cross-selling and upselling templates
  • Order tracking
  • Newsletter signup
  • FAQs
  • Conversational campaigns
  • $29/mo (Grow)
  • $99/mo (Pro)
  • $299/mo (Premium)
  • $599/mo ( Enterprise)


ProProfs ‑ Live Chat & Chatbot

Why consider ProProfs? It’s a sales and support tool built to engage customers and answer frequently asked questions and increase sales. What’s more, this Shopify chatbot can help store owners reduce cart abandonment.

ProProfs also helps store owners pinpoint potential customers as it qualifies leads in real-time and transfers them to their customer relationship management (CRM) account. If you are looking for AI chatbots that create human-like conversations or ones capable of engaging visitors naturally, ProProf is your best bet.

In addition to creating human-like conversation, ProProf can help your business ask multiple-choice and open-ended questions. This can be beneficial in gathering detailed information from prospects.


  • Create support tickets for website visitors with complex questions
  • It helps you direct website visitors to the appropriate department
  • Leverages branching knowledge to create conversational flow
  • Has multiple pre-made chatbot templates
  • Integrates with a knowledge base to help you display help articles to site visitors who are in need
  • Free plan: 15 days free chatbot trial
  • Paid plan: $29.99/mo


Heyday ‑ Chatbot

Every Shopify owner needs a conversational AI chatbot that can drive sales while providing round-the-clock support to customers. HeyDay, one of the best Shopify chatbots, ticks all the boxes.

HeyDay is one of the best Shopify chatbot apps that offer users tools like live chat or video consulting. In addition to these tools, this Shopify app also provides NLP-based chatbots that can be integrated with popular platforms like Facebook MessengerWhatsApp, etc.

One of the key features of HeyDay is the ability to communicate in English or French. Plus, it takes just 10 minutes to integrate with your online store. Moreover, this tool can provide product recommendations, monitor orders, automate FAQs, and merge all your customers’ conversations across platforms in one inbox.


  • Chatbots use NLP technology
  • Bot-to-human handoff
  • Automated order tracking
  • AI product search
  • Simple chatbot implementation
  • Advanced analytics
  • Free plan (14 days free trial)
  • $49/mo (Core app)
  • $499/mo ( Enterprise)

FAQs About Shopify Chatbot Apps

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions.

Does Shopify have a chatbot?

Yes, Shopify has chatbots—many of them. This AI-powered software offers customer service for your Shopify store. They also help reduce the need for physical agents as they work around the clock. 

How do I add a chatbot to Shopify?

You can add a chatbot to Shopify with zero coding skills. Here is a step-by-step process on how to go about it:

  1. Log in to your Shopify store admin panel
  2. Go to the app section
  3. Input the keyword “ chatbot” in the search bar and select from the list
  4. Click the “ add app” button
  5. Click ” install app.”
  6. Next, log in to your Chatbot account (for existing users). New users will need to set up an account first. Then click “Sign up.”
  7. Configure the integration. You can use a pre-built Shopify template, select an existing story, or build from scratch. After choosing your preferred option, click “continue.”
  8. You can name your new chatbot or choose one of the pre-existing stories depending on your preferred option.
  9. That’s all! You can now select continue to manage your Shopify chatbot.

How does a Shopify bot work?

Shopify bots are AI-supported programs. They work by automating Shopify-related tasks. These tasks include processing orders and creating and managing products and customers. Shopify bots benefit Shopify store owners looking for a means to automate recurring and time-consuming tasks and lessen the workload on their shoulders.

What is the best chatbot for Shopify?

Tidio is the best chatbot for Shopify based on its impressive review and appealing features. This chatbot app can increase customer satisfaction, engagement, and sales if used efficiently.  


While searching for the best Shopify chatbot app for Shopify stores, ensure you consider what you intend on using the chatbot to achieve.

Are you looking for the best chatbot app with a ticketing system? Or one that features a chat window or can re-engage past customers? Whatever your business goals are, ensure that they match the type of chatbot app you choose for your eCommerce store.

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